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When it comes to creating your own hair care products, one thing most people look for is a product with natural ingredients and the power to moisturize even the driest of hair. While many products available on store shelves will provide sufficient moisture, the other ingredients included may not be so beneficial. As a result, natural hair products and organic ingredients are increasing in popularity, as they possess the ability to cleanse and moisturize without irritating ingredients.

Wholesale Hair Products at Emiko-cn.com

As mentioned, you can find a variety of natural hair products on our site, such as our Conditioning Shampoo. It’s packed with natural oils and herbs to clean and condition your hair. Simply put, natural hair products are the way to go. Whether you plan on selling your own or ordering for yourself, you can choose either when shopping with us!


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The Best Wholesale Hair Products

Hair is an important part of your body, because it’s able to completely change your look. Having hair falling down to your hips gives you a different aesthetic compared to having an entirely shaved head. Taking care of your hair should be an important part of your daily routine, which is why it’s important to stock up on product capable of keeping your hair at its healthiest. Unfortunately, most companies selling hair care products use harmful ingredients, which can worsen the health of your hair later on in life.


Ingredients to Avoid

While there are ingredients to make your hair stronger, there are some furthering the damage already done to your hair. This is due to the harsh chemicals being used. Be aware of ingredients like; parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, and, especially, formaldehyde. Parabens are seen in a lot of food and beauty products, which is it’s one of the more dangerous chemicals to be used.


The chemical copies estrogen, which then leads to an increased likelihood of cancer, specifically breast cancer. Women are reported to have more parabens than men. Additionally, you can acquire this problematic element through eating, as well. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is what causes the foam to appear when applying shampoo. However, this ingredient has been to known to increase skin-irritation on dry-hair or dry-skin on the scalp.


Synthetic fragrances can be made from a factory of different chemicals. These chemicals can increase irritation on your scalp, seep into your breast milk and even cause cancer. Unfortunately, companies don’t need to disclose all the ingredients making the fragrance, which causes more problems for people with sensitive skin. The worst chemical to be used is formaldehyde, though.


Choosing the Best Place for Wholesale Hair Products

Out of all the companies selling hair care products, remarkably few of them are selling products for people with sensitive skin, nor care about the environment. These other chemicals being added don’t just damage your hair in the long-run, but the effects on nature is detrimental.


We provide you with products everyone will enjoy since there are no harmful chemical. Through our wholesale program you will be able stock up for a month. Your business will also receive an uptick in profits because of these beauty tools. Even if you don’t see the exact item in our website we can still make what you want.

wholesale natural hair products

We don’t just offer wholesale to people, but private label partnerships as well. We will be able to combine any mixture of ingredients to create the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you. The only thing you’ll need to do is think of a marketing plan and find a manufacturer. Contact us now to learn more about our wholesale program or if you want to create your own private label hair care items.