Wholesale Beauty Supply Products

Wholesale Beauty Supply Products

If you are a licensed cosmetologist, you likely struggle with finding top quality hair products at affordable prices. Using top quality products your clients with soft, manageable hair will keep them returning time and again. However, those products are pricey and may increase your overhead. Emiko offers an answer. Set yourself aside from the gang with the foremost innovative products manufactured with only the best quality, natural and organic ingredients. Emiko manufactures products you’ll be proud to use on even your most discerning customers. Our formulas are always vegan, cruelty-free, and responsibly manufactured right here within us.


Why Emiko Wholesale Beauty Supply Products?

Whether you own a salon or are a licensed cosmetologist, you’re always checking out the balance between price and quality. With Emiko’s products, you will not need to keep trying to find that balance. we offer research-backed, natural, healing wholesale hair products at competitive pricing. Utilizing a wholesale based hair care line in your business will increase the revenue coming to you, solidify customer loyalty, and keep your clients returning time and again.

Emiko has worked and supplied wholesale hair products to thousands of companies, both nationally and internationally. We not only care about each and each customer, we care about our community and planet, as well. some of each sale here at Emiko goes to conscientiously build-up communities and enrich lives across the state. Our 100% wind-powered facility was implemented so to reduce our carbon footprint and leave our planet better than we found it. Our vegan and natural ingredients also foster this belief during a better world.

Ingredients Make a Difference!

We believe ingredients make the difference between a mediocre product and a very amazing one. We source thousands of organic and natural ingredients, many of which come from partner farms right here within the Pacific Northwest. we have a number of the best bioactive, nutrient-rich ingredients on the market. Our ingredient deck speaks for itself.
Plant-based, bioactive ingredients penetrate deep into each follicle, working on a cellular level to supply the hydration and nourishment necessary to guard each strand of hair. this may also help the expansion and longevity of your hair’s natural cycle, encouraging shiny and healthy hair. But, don’t take our word for it, try our products for yourself. Emiko’s’ wholesale hair care line brings innovative techniques and time-honored formulas to the hair care industry, revolutionizing the way you’re employed with hair.

Stock Your Back Bar With the most well-liked Products

Who wouldn’t want to use only the most well-liked, most innovative hair products on their clients? Leave your clients with a world-class, pampered experience once you utilize Emiko’s exclusive wholesale hairline. Our formulary team has perfected each formula and spent countless hours ensuring their overall safety and efficacy. With only natural and organic ingredients, sourced right here within us, our formulas leave little to be desired. Here are a number of our hottest trending products:

Amino Conditioner:

Our amino conditioner is full of organic wheat protein which nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft while silk amino acids restructure and fortify the hair. All-natural hydrating ingredients and herbal infusions give this conditioner superior comb out leaving you with full, bouncy, shiny hair.

Beard Oil:

Emiko beard oil oozes masculinity from its slightly woodsy smell right down to the slightly astringent properties. Blending lipid-rich plant oils with organic burn plants and keratin will leave hair stronger and therefore the skin beneath nourished and hydrated. Also available during a non-scented version.
Hair Rehab Deep Repair Hair Mask (THRM): This formula is overflowing with nourishing plant lipids which are great for strengthening the hair shaft while healing the cuticle. Perfect for all hair types, this mask may be a welcome addition to any back bar and can enhance the top results of each treatment while restoring vital pH balance and lipid profile.

Silky Conditioner:

With hoards of plant-based oils, our silky conditioner will leave hair soft and glossy while restoring its fullness and body. Combining soluble protein blends, organic burn plant, and lots of other proprietary ingredient concentrates, we offer you with the refined and opulent hair conditioning experience your clients crave and can keep returning for.

Repairing Hair Oil:

Comprised totally of cold processed food-grade plant oils, our repairing hairdressing is second to none. Argan oil creates a decent seal at the cuticle, Panthenol fills within the cracks and split ends, and Shea butter builds volume and movement. Feed your hair the absolute best with our Repairing hairdressing.
Our wholesale hair care line is out there in several botanical scents, sizes and blend and match for the last word in versatility. We also offer Private Label opportunities, complete together with your own label and expansion capabilities and Custom Manufacturing for those of you already trying to manufacture your own line of products. regardless of your preference, we have a number of the best products for hair care available.


Emiko in Wholesale Hair Care

The beauty supply industry is often difficult to navigate, with thousands of suppliers offering a good range of products. However, many of these are overseas where quality and testing standards are ambiguous at the best. Here at Emiko, we will proudly say we are an FDA registered facility with internal control measures that exceed those recommended by industry professionals. we provide product samples so you’ll see for yourself the standard and consistency in each product we provide. Our veteran customer service team is waiting to assist you to start your order or to answer any questions you’ll have. Contact us now!